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We provide advanced, result oriented IT Infrastructure Services, that add Value immediately worldwide.

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Next Generation Technology

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Your Website is a powerful Brand and marketing Tool. With the right Design, your Website will engage with Visitors, inform them, and call them to Action, all while demonstrating your Brand’s Value. At Pro-Guru, we offer comprehensive Web Design and Development Services to help you better Connect with your Customers.

About us

Pro-Guru is a next Generation Technology Company built on years of industry-leading Experience that helps Enterprises re-position their Businesses for the digital Age with the latest Technology Innovations to deliver better Business outcomes and higher Levels of Performance, Competitiveness and Experiences.

Responsive Web Design

We build advanced, powerful, robust and cutting-edge Websites and Web Solutions that Perform, capture Attention, drive Conversions and meet desired Client objectives.

Web Development

Our Custom Application Development Services are extremely versatile and are tailored to every Type of Business. We specialize in supporting & delivering High Quality Custom Application/Software Development Services to Clients across many Industries. Our supported Application Development Platforms include PHP, JavaScript, SQL, Java, PaaS (Azure, Amazon Web Services and Salesforce Automation) as well as mobile Platforms such as Android and iOS.

Mobile Apps

The highly skilled and experienced mobile App Development Team at Pro-Guru helps you build robust mobile Apps to help you expand your Business and be available at a single Touch on the mobile Devices of your potential Clients. Be it Android or iOS, we are efficient in both.


Pro-Guru offers professional Website Maintenance Services at affordable Prices to help your Business attract more Visitors and thrive.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is crucial for any Business in this Day and Age, as it enables Businesses to reach targeted Audiences in a cost-effective and measurable Way.

Industry leading technical Expertise

Our technical Experts with specialized Skills, Knowledge and Experience will be with you every Step of the Way, providing you with continuous and proactive Expertise that will help your Business thrive and excel.